ElBulli, Ferran Adria

Cala Montjoi . Ap. 30 17480 . Roses.
Girona (Spain)
tel (34) 972 150 457
fax (34) 972 150 717
e-mail: bulli@elbulli.com

Die ElBulli Truppe: Felix, Alex, Jakob, Björn und ich fotografiere!


im Uhrzeigersinn: parmesan airbag, sherical olives, beetroot and yoghurt merienge, salty choclate with cassis, yoghurt and pistacio

sherical olives, salty cantanias, LYO fruits, golden nuggts

pistachios sponge cake with acid milk mousse, sesame sponde cake with miso, fresh pine-cone and pinions dacqoise

flowers paper

tiger nut milk flowers

tangerines bombons, peanut and curry

rasberries fondant with wasabi and rasberries vinegar

oysters yoghurt with px in tempura

haricot bean with Joselito´s iberian pork fat

Fever-Tree tonic meringue with straberries and lemon

der General gibt die Befehle

anchovy and ham with yoghurt yuba

tomato cous-cous with oil-olives, basil and parmesan cheese

risotto of citrics

gnocchi of polenta with coffee, safran yuba and daisy buds

aspargus in different cooking times

razor clams -”escabeche”

almonds ravioli

marinated mackerel belly – chicken and onion “escabeche”

sea cucumbers with kalix – sea lettuce and salicornia

eel-beef marrow with mustard leaf

tata die Hauptspeise…hare juise

the wool 2007

sweet frost fruits



ein paar thermomixer

die Stickstoffsation

da liegt es…das Heiligtum…

das wars… einfach der Hammer!

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